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About us [niches] @drdonysmarketing.com

Why ICFO Niche Marketing?

Niche Marketing expands the reach of Our Cause. The Best of The Web Content for each niche is overlayed and indexed on our Internet Crime Fighters content foundation.

ICFO and related, groups, forums, articles, is a free public service, news media resource supported out-of-pocket since 2004. ICFO offers aggregated content from various sources; feeds, videos, requested posts as well as original research.

In the early 2000s, with the rise of social media, such content was in high demand, largely shared and advertisers sought after the highly ranked providers.

Nowadays, such content including alerts, warnings, and beware, are seldom shared, engaged, or even liked, all of which impact ranking and advertiser interest. In many cases, both browsers and social media sites block such content as unsafe or unsuitable for public viewing, the very ones that need the information for their safety and security.

Readers and viewers turn a blind eye to the news as we continue to see an increase in dating scams, ransomware, self-harm and suicides, and repugnant crimes such as child abuse, child sexual abuse, and trafficking.

Apathy toward Internet Crimes

  • Clearly, a general apathy toward Internet Crimes has set in. “It’s Not My Problem”
  • Even related organizations that should be supporting each other, engagement, ideas, and sharing are non-existent.

A Shocking Rise in Child Sexual Abuse Imagery and Videos, followed by

Answering your questions about our series on online child abuse.

Source : New York Times

Internet Crime Fighters Org ICFO – Supporting Our War on Crimes Against Our Children Online 

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Good day and Welcome

I am Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD., Founder, The Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO)

  • Serving our members and readers for FREE since 2004
  • ICFO consolidates previous blogs, groups and other efforts to
  • Increase Internet Crime Awareness


  • To increase awareness of various internet crimes
  • With a priority focus on those involving children, seniors, and business 
  • ICFO is a news hub, media accumulator, including niche blogs
  • Fed by an extensive feed network and personal research
  • Provide jobs, make money online, work at home opportunities
  • for those that need to supplement their present income as senior
  • That cannot afford to retire with the dignity that they have earned and deserve


  • The family funded, and FREE since 2004
  • Recent  financial strains and rising cost have necessitate NEW efforts to
  • Recover costs, staffing, expansion of services, advertising, and research
  • Your Donations are most appreciated
  • Sponsors and advertisers inquiries are invited


  • To raise internet users awareness of internet crime and security
  • To be a leading resource for internet crime news within 3-5 years
  • Provide internet crime (cybercrime) training to individuals, business, and organizations
  • To provide regional internet crime fighter training and research centers

Founder Profile

Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD, 1979, MBA 1977

  • Mentor, coach, advisor and
  • Former multi-state real estate broker (CA, NV) sales, financing and services
  • International project financing; Asia Pacific, Government and Private Enterprise
  • Mentor, coach and trainer MDEC Malaysia Entrepreneurs, and CEO’s
  • Environmental Consultant Resort Development Banding Island, Malaysia
  • Offline financial scams and fraud verification since 1981, financial underwriting
  • Online scams, fraud and malware research since 2004
  • Author, The Internet Users Handbook, 2nd, 2009-2013
  • A successful offline and online entrepreneur; multiple companies
  • For more About Me 

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Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD, Founder

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