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WP Automated Travel Website – Make Money From 5M+ Websites Simply Activating This App! What’s Inside! [Learn More]

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WP Automated Travel Website Review:

Glad you’re here! Somebody might have told you that there’s a product called “WP Automated Travel Website”, which allows you to become rich just by pushing a few buttons here and there. Am I right!

I’ve been very busy writing product reviews these days and I’m well aware of some online sources where I can find new product launches.

There have been many products similar to the WP Automated Travel Website system in the past. 

If you had been routed to WP Automated Travel Website official site, perhaps you wanted to check if this product is real or a scam!

You’re on the right path checking if this product is worth or not…

People like you may want to find a solution to start a new business online. However, learning web design, coding and other things come with additional cost and time.

An average Joe can’t spend time learning all those skills including SEO, link building, etc.

This is where WP automated app comes in. It allows you to start making money within a few days of launch.

Are you surprised to hear this! Yup! This is what the app promises…

Now the question comes to your mind! Will I be able to make even a fraction of what other people make online?

Well, that’s something which not everyone can answer…so

In this WP Automated Travel Website review…

I’m gonna share my thoughts and opinions so you can learn first what it is and how you can make money. 

Remember! I am not an affiliate of the WPATW so whatever opinions and concerns that I put forward are based on my assumptions only. I am not against the creator or the product either.

This product was recommended by one of my readers about a few days ago, and I thought let’s get in and see what exactly WP Automated Travel Website is and how it can benefit people like you.

After reading through the sales page, I found many outrageous claims and flaws which I’ll be sharing on this blog page in a bit. 

So if you want to learn more about this product, save time and money, please stick to this post till the very end. I’m sure you’ll learn something from here.

So without further ado…let’s get started this review…

WP Automated Travel Website Overview

Vendor: Darl Hygi
Product: WP Automated Travel Website 1.0
Front-End Price: $49
Affiliate Network: JVZoo 
Niche: Software
Affiliate Program: Yes 

What is WP Automated Travel Website?

WP Automated Travel Website is a web-based app that allows you to build a full-featured e-com website in just a couple of minutes – without the need for learning HTML codes, buying additional software or even need of learning SEOs, etc. 

Another plus point is that you don’t need to write content or product reviews for any of the products that you’re listing. 

WP Automated Travel Website does all the primary work for you from adding products from 100s of marketplaces, listing prices, updating content, and much more.

So your job is to simply activate the website and start making money from different companies. It can be from Amazon, ecom stores, digital marketplaces, promoting low & high ticket affiliate programs, placing Google Adsense ads, etc.

If we talk about creating a review-based WordPress site, you might need to learn how to register a site, hosting things, and of-course setting up WP and other core things like writing content for your primary keywords. 

This may not be possible for a beginner. But with this app, you can manage to do everything under one roof without spending extra time for writing product reviews.

But the question is …will WP Automated Travel Website work!

You’ll learn the essence in just a few minutes….keep reading.

You need to master WordPress, learn how to customize your themes, write and publish content, do tons of WP setup, and hope nothing breaks in between.

WP Automated Travel Website – Official Video

Product Names & Upsells

WP Automated Travel Website has multiple product packages. You can buy either one of those or buy the top PRO version.

If you purchase a top-end product you can save a lot of money. The good news is that you’ll pay once and forget it for life.

 1. Basic Pack File Only,$49 WP Automated Travel Website Files Only With Detailed Installation Guide.

 2. Basic Pack, $120. WP Automated Travel Website+Done -For-You Installation/Configuration  

 3. Pro Pack, $150. Basic Pack+Property listings+Installation/Configuration +Facebook Ads Training Video 

Main Features [ From Official website]

WP Automated Travel Website - themes and product details

  • WP Affiliate Travel Site with stunning design
  • 5m + hotels all around the world
  • Make profit with built-in Travel eCom store
  • 100% self-updating & no maintenance needed [automatically updates hotel prices, reviews, etc]
  • 600+ daily flight schedules to profit from
  • 100% set & forget – you can maintain your WP Travel Site to earn commissions yourself or simply FLIP/SELL it for quick profits
  • Comes With A Commercial Licence As Standard – So You Can Make And Sell Unlimited Sites.
  • Automated travel news, video travel guides, Blog subscription, and Several Income Streams/Listings

Who’s It For WP Automated Travel Website?

This product can be for anyone as long as he/she willing to put effort into making money. Though there are some cons to this software, which you’ll learn in the next section. 

If you’ve been wasting time on Facebook without making a dime, I think this is for you.

Yes, you can make money with this site but not from Google. The cost of the software is not that much. And also comes with a refund policy. 

So if you want to test-drive a system like this, you can buy and see yourself if this works or not. But before you click on the buy button, please complete reading this review. 

I’m sure you’ll get some idea about WP Automated Travel Website business model before click away…

Product details about WP Automated Travel Website

What are the Pros & Cons?


✔ Easy to learn program: 

Since this program/software runs on WordPress, hence it’ll be easy to learn and apply from the training videos.

✔ Professional website templates: 

The system offers you the Done-for-you website so you don’t need to search for website designers anymore. Choose the niche from the repository and click on to install it. This is it.

✔ 100s of products and services: 

WP Automated Travel Website also automatically adds 100s of the products with a click of a button. Hence, you don’t need to search for high converting products & services elsewhere.

✔ No manual work ever needed:

This web-based application does all the heavy lifting work for you. The app does self-update content from outside [from online sources].

✔ Easy integration to autoresponder [email marketing]:

The good news is that you don’t need to wrack your brain on how to integrate with popular email marketing software. A one-click action will do.

✔ Multiple income streams: 

You have hundreds of products from best affiliate marketplaces and some of the high paying affiliate programs such as Flights, Hotels, Car rentals, Airport Transfers, Things to do, etc.

✔ No maintenance required:

Since the WP Automated Travel Website comes with a one-click option. So you don’t need to worry about adding stuff and maintaining your websites. 

✔ One-time fee only:

Unlike other software, you just only need to pay once and forget it for life. WP Automated Travel Website does not come with any hidden cost or monthly recurring payment. It’s just a onetime investment only.

✔ Affiliate program available:

If you have huge followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any social media or even a blog then you can promote the WP Automated Travel Website offer to earn affiliate commission up to 100%.

✔ No need to buy themes and Plugins:

This system offers you ready-made [DFY] templates. This means you don’t need to purchase any additional templates [as per the official claim].

✔ No content writing required:

If you’re like a lazy person who doesn’t want to write content for your site, this is the best platform to start with. Everything is handled by the software.

✔ Domain flipping:

Another good thing is that you can create as many websites as you like and sell them on other marketplaces for a low/high price. This is called domain flipping. 


✘ Domain required: 

Buying WP Automated Travel Website alone is not sufficient. You may need to purchase a domain in order to connect with your travel blog. Hence, an extra cost may be required to activate the software.

✘ Hosting Package: 

You may need to pay extra for a hosting company so that you can run your website on their server. 

Without a domain and hosting, you won’t be able to run your Travel blog. This might cost at least $3/month if you host it on a reliable web hosting company like Bluehost.

Even if this app allows sites to host on their server then you may face another issue.

You see, your sites will be hosted on their server and can be taken down at any time. This clearly shows you cannot own the sites. What do you say!

✘ You may need to purchase a theme:

The problem with the WP Automated Travel Website is that the templates option is very limited. You see all paid members are inherently going use the same templates over and over again.

What if 500 people have purchased this software! Wouldn’t they use the same site layout, design, images, and other things!

You see, you need to stand out from the crowd. If you want to be very unique and better against other members, you should use a website theme from outside.

Another big issue you’ll face is that not all templates will go well with the software. A website designer may be required to make it work.

✘ Not suitable for beginners:

If you’re 100% new to WordPress, you may need to get your feet wet. On the surface, it may look like an easy thing but knowing a bit about WordPress prior to purchase this software is ideal

Competing against top websites and other established blogs is not that easy. Travel niche is one of the hottest topics in the world just like web-hosting, health & fitness, etc. 

✘ Can only be promoted via direct traffic: 

This type of blog can be very beneficial only when you promote directly using some of your traffic sources like social media sites. For sure, you won’t get even a few hundred visitors from search engines.

✘ Problems without unique reviews/content: 

We all know that people these days want to get some basic information about the products/services before buying things online even if it was just a $20 product. 

Considering that, I am not sure how people will going to respond from your blog without unique content or auto-generated reviews.

Even if you want to join with an Amazon affiliate program, your blog must get some traffic before getting approval. 

✘ Auto-generated blogs are the enemy of Google: 

Organic traffic may not come easily. So creating a blog with some software won’t get you anywhere near to the 5th page of Google.

If you check some reviews on Google, you’d know why Google won’t prefer to rank websites that were created by some software.

Google knows how the blog/websites were created. It’s an easy-peasy thing for Google – get slapped in no time.

Too many bugs reported by customers online:

Based on my online research, I found a few complaints where some folks claimed some bugs within the interface. Some folks were saying that the WP Automated Travel Website has some bugs and there’s room for improvement. 

✘ Push-button software won’t work in the long run: 

WP Automated Travel Website is not only new to me but also I’m seeing many software like this surfacing every day. 

I’ve reviewed many software like this one on my blog, e.g. Rezolved which does the same but with a different business model and approach.

✘ Bonus plugins can be found FREE online:

I’m a blogger so I can confidently say that the bonus plugins you get can be found online for free. 

For example, Video Overlay, Notification Bar, Exit Popup, Sticky Ads Bar, etc can be activated using the “Hello bar” third party free plugin, which I’m currently using it on my blog. 

✘ Get saturated easily: 

This is utmost important to note that system like WP Automated Travel Website can get saturated in quick time! 

If you assume that 500 people have bought this software – assuming everyone is using the same strategy, don’t you think this business model will go outdated, identical, and saturated!

Concluding WP Automated Travel Website Review

If you ask me whether WP Automated Travel Website is a legit or fake one, I think, I’ve answered to your question above. Yes, you can make some money by promoting your site on social media.

Apart from that, I don’t think you can make money legitimately from Google and other search engines.

I’ve given some hints and all the important reasons why you should stay away from products like this.

Google Update & Conversion Strategy:

There are many changes taking place in the Google algorithm. Creating a site with some random software without real value, I think the result will be 100% negative.

There are many mediocre software like this surfacing every day. Sure, I’ll keep on eye on that.

I’m not saying you’ll never be able to earn money with this app. Sure, there’s only one way that you can use this app to make money is simply promote using direct or referral traffic. 

Even though getting conversion will require some marketing techniques.

Besides, I’m not sure if the reviews and testimonials will be taken from legit websites or from some random websites or external sources.

If that the case, still your entire site becomes contaminated with duplicate content and reviews. Please remember that Google knows exactly this…

To make money from your website, the site design and product listing alone won’t help. There’s more to it.

The only good thing with this platform is that you can create as many sites as possible. That’s right, create websites and sell them for a big price – to some innocent people [Cheater].WPAutomatedTravelWebsite scam or legit!

You can sell those websites for $100-$200 or more. Even if you plan to do domain or website flipping, you may need to purchase domains for each website you register and of course some learning curve also there. 

Again, it’s not like people will just come over and buy from you. You should know how website flipping works – ins & outs.  Learn basic domain/website flipping business via this link.

So in my final view, I feel this app won’t help you make money as it claims on the official website.

Even if there was a business module like this, everybody would have done this long back before you even begin to approach online work at home business.

What do you say!

Any input from you will be appreciated! Thanks for reading WP Automated Travel Website review. 

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